Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Black and Gold Nail Art Designs

Special event and you are not confident with your nails , while there is no time to salons who simply beautify your nails ? ? ? ? ? ? . With a few inexpensive tools , you can create beautiful nail art designs at home . Are you attending a special event , celebrate the holidays , or just to enjoy life , you can always nail dressed and ready for any occasion.

Do you think you have no artistic ability to paint intricate details ? Why not try some of the easy to apply nail accessories that will add pizazz you desire without much work or expense . Create funky designs with metallic gold beads . Attach sparkling gemstones or crystals small . Close nails wet with a light dusting of glitter or choose from a variety of stickers and decals . Nail stencils or stamping kits will help you add interesting , perfectly formed shapes that are guaranteed to look so professional that all your friends will think you visit the salon.

By adding elegance to a simple French manicure with a row of gemstones or a gold metallic smile line . Have a little fun by painting the tips black , blue , or even orange . Use fine tipped brush to paint white zigzags along the tip line , or use a toothpick to make a bunch of fine point.

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